Titan Mens Analog Casual Quartz Watch - 9322SL08

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By : Titan

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  • Case Shape :  Round
  • Collection :  Casual
  • Dial Colour :  Black
  • Functions :  Analog
  • Glass Material :  Mineral
  • Lock Mechanism :  Buckle
  • Movements :  Japanese Quartz
  • Strap Colour :  Black
  • Strap Material :  Leather
  • Water Resistance :  50 M
  • Warranty Period :  12 M
  • Cash on Delivery
  • 7 Days Easy Return

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Elegant and sophisticated timepieces are much sought-after by men to spice up their glamour quotient and make an impression on the fairer sex. Titan watches of the Octane series are not only convenient and hassle free to use, but they infuse your personality with a spirit of excitement and thrill.
Let adrenaline rush through your veins as you embark on an adventurous journey, breaking away from the shackles of monotony of life; this sporty Titan Octane Analog Watch for men will be your companion in all your pursuits. Crafted for men, the epic timepiece comes with a touch of vivacious enthusiasm that will immensely motivate you. The Titan watch will not just be a time telling device on your wrist; it will transform itself into your companion, racing in sync with your ticking pulse.
Body and Design
If you believe in love at first sight, prepare to be dazzled by this men’s analog watch from Titan. The attractive hues decorating the background of the round dial of this timepiece are hard to miss. The hour markers and the watch hands stand out for their eye-catching appearance. Oozing an aura of masculinity, this Titan watch will easily make its way into your heart.
One of the striking features of this sporty watch is its brass case. The watch case adds a tinge of glamour to the shiny timepiece, thanks to its polished metallic finish. The watch case possesses the requisite sturdiness to keep all the internal components of this time wear safe from damages. The final touch of sophistication is added to the watch by a croco-type leather strap. The appeal of the strap is enhanced by the beauty of the stitching patterns gracing its borders. The strap will keep the timepiece fastened to your wrist without causing any discomfort, no matter how long you wear it.
Functions and Other Features
If you are impressed by the glamorous looks of this Titan timepiece, its efficient performance will further win your heart. Another interesting feature of this useful device is its property of water resistance. Wear this watch without damaging its functions during the rainy season; it is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 m and can withstand a few splashes of water. Even if a car passing by accidentally splashes a puddle of water on you, this watch will keep ticking. Fill your mundane life with exciting moments of fun with this Titan Octane watch for men and impress others with its glamorous appeal.

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