Sonata Analog Black Dial Men's Watch - 7924NL01

Rs 2550

By : Sonata

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  • Case Shape :  Round
  • Collection :  Casual
  • Dial Color :  Black
  • Function :  Analog
  • Lock Mechanism :  Buckle
  • Movements :  Quartz
  • Strap Color :  Black
  • Strap Material :  Leather
  • Warranty Period :  1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • Water Resistance :  30 M
  • Cash on Delivery
  • 7 Days Easy Return

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Sold By : Nepal Trade Network Pvt. Ltd.

Product Location : Bagmati, Kathmandu

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It’s an old saying that a watch is governed by the pulse of a man’s heartbeat. More the excitement in Life, faster the watch ticks away with time. Sonata Analogue Black Dial Men's Watch - NF7924NL01 is one of those editions that not only fasten your heartbeat but also the ones in the office and on streets. Inspired from the fashion arenas of Paris and Milan, Sonata Analogue - NF7924NL01 is a sure catch for this season.
Elegance, Enthusiasm and Élan
The Sonata Analogue - NF7924NL01 is crafted to bring the charm of a moonlit night to Earth. Celebrating the manliness with confidence, the black dial housed within the round case is an inspiration in Black. The leather band compliments the overall design and the smartly sewn threads add elan to the overall personality. Weighing just 100 grams, the watch is an example of smart engineering brilliance.
The time piece sports crystal slots instead of any digits. The 12 pointer is replaced by 3 vertically aligned diamond studs. The brilliant pointers are further exaggerated by the 3 brass tinted pins. The second’s hand pin makes a ticking movement controlled by Quartz movement.

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Jeewan Dhakal reviewed Sonata Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch (7954SM05) 1 year ago


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