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Sold By : himalayansolution

Product Location : Bagmati, Kathmandu



The Slide Switch is a switch that has various features like: - easy structure, mini body, 3 terminal, 1 pole 2 throw and sliding knob actuator. It can suitable in various operations of many small power electronic projects, including volume and other controls for audio video, dimmer controls for lights and many more. It is also a great component for DIY.



Slide Switch

Pins Design

3 Pins ( Single Rows )



Contact Type


Current Rating

DC 50V, 0.5A

Contacts Resistance


Insulation Resistance


Minimum Load

DC 500V

Dielectric Strengths

AC 500V / 1 Minute

Life Test

10000 Cycles/ Minute

Knob Size

3 x 3 x 5mm


3mm /

Main Body Size

12 x 5 x 5.7mm

Overall Size

12 x 13.8 x 9mm


Plastic And Metal

Operating Temperature

-40°C To 80°C



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