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The Dani PIR Sensor Switch is a human body infrared induction adjustable switch. It detects PIR body heat and automatically turns on the light and turned it back on after a time adjustable from 6 seconds to 12 minutes. It also combines intelligent control and energy saving. It has working power range of AC 100V to 250V, 50/60 HZ. It can be applicable for various applications like: - Corridor, toilet, basement, warehouse, garage, and other places of automatic lighting, exhaust fan convulsions and other automatic control electrical, can be used for security purposes at the same time.



Dani PIR Sensor Switch

Working Power

AC 180V to 220V,50HZ

Distance Detection Range

3-8 m

Delay Time

10 to 350s (Adjustable )

Brightness Sensitivity

5 to 500lux (Adjustable )

Sensor Angle

110° C ~ 140° C

Load Power Supply

5 ~ 200w


86mm x 86mm x 30mm

Environment Temperature

-20° C ~ +50° C



Body  Color


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