Goldstar GSG (102) Royal Blue Shoes

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Sold By : Savyaa Designs

Product Location : Bagmati, Kathmandu

Savyaa Designs


Goldstar shoes that are fashionable as are functional. Go with this lace-up sneakers for your casual to sporty look.

About Product
These are the stylish Casual shoes collection from goldstar shoes for both men and women. Goldstar shoes are comfortable, durable, and made from fine materials that are good in design and looks trendy.

About GoldStar Brand
Goldstar is one of the oldest manufacturers of Nepal who have concentrated on comfortable shoes for a long time. Famous for their black and white shoes, they have expanded their range into goldstar sports shoes, goldstar running shoes and goldstar laced shoes. They now have stylish shoes which are comparatively cheaper, and last longer than many imported ones.

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Chiran Magar reviewed Goldstar GSG (102) Royal Blue Shoes 2 years ago

I am so in love with the goldstar. I am happy to own the products of goldstar. :).

hanish maharjan reviewed Goldstar GSG (102) Royal Blue Shoes 2 years ago


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