Diamond Aluminium Pressure Cooker- Silver 2L

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By : Diamond

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Diamond Aluminium Pressure Cooker- Silver-2L

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Sold By : electronepal

Product Location : Bagmati, Kathmandu


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Some Specification

  • Brand : Diamond
  • Type : Pressure cooker
  • Manufacturing : Made in Nepal
  • Warranty : 7 years on alumunium
  • Notification : Whistle
  • Free rubber
  • Free safety valve
  • Size :2 L
Made from superior quality materials with strong built up features and high efficiency levels. Happy cooking with this easy to use cooker and are widely applicable in house hold purpose, restaurants, hotels and food courts.
  • Cooker handles are user friendly
  • Completely safe.
  • Excellent finish and stability
  • Strong built up features
  • ISI Certified
  • Convenient usage,High efficiency
  • High Quality  Aluminium

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