Digital and analog watches available at cheap prices

We feature all types of watches including chronograph watches, analog watches and digital watches at redDoko. All of these watches have been directly brought in from the Brand Dealers which keeps the price at a minimum rate. Different brands such as Seiko watches, Armani watches, g shock watches, timex watches, casio watches, titan watches, omega watches, rad watches, tissot watches, fossil watches, guess watches, rolext watches are available on Digital watches being a new category are trendy watches and we have put on all classic and new designs on our website.

Buy stylish watches and designs at

Watches are one of the best jewellery to be worn by either men or woman. There are various stylish designs available at which varies from chronograph watches to simple leather watches. There are various factors to look at when you are buying a watch. You need to consider the style, design and the reliability of watches. We have more than 1000 watches of various brands which are stylish and trendy. These watches would surely be a plus on your personality along with helping to bring out the x factor.

Buy Men’s watches In Nepal at great deals.

As we have a huge range of watches that have been displayed by our sellers, men’s watches have been taken as a priority by us.  Ladies have a lot of jewellery from head to toe which compliment them but men are confined to a small range of products. From a long time, watches are known as the jewellery range for men. These include sports watches, formal watches, casual watches and designer watches which are usually used my men. White metal wrist watches, watches with different dials such as silver writst watches, rectangular and square dial watches from Rado, Casio, FastTrack are also available at Reddoko.

Women’s watches available at cheap prices

There are a lot of jewellery products for our ladies including bracelets, pendants and much more. But watches are always the kind of jewellery which give out a perception of class. The watches that we have listed on our website are all selected through a stringent process. Different designer watches, formal watches, casual watches, bracelet watches, fancy stoned watches, metallic watches, multi strap watches and touch screen watches are available for our ladies customers at

Branded watches online at sale in Nepal

There are various branded watches available at redDoko. Watches cry out “brands”, so we have made sure that all of our products are authentic such as Casio watches, Guess Watches, Gucci watches, Diesel watches, Rolex watches, Rado watches, Rolex watches , Seiko and Tissot watches to mention a few. These branded products have been directly supplied by the dealers so you can get them at cheaper prices at redDoko.

Watches for different Occasions and festivals

Watches are a form of jewellery and different kind of watches can be worn on different occasions. Leather watches generally go out as casual wears which can be worn out when you are heading out for a ride around your town.  Metal wrist watches, silver wrist watches are mostly worn during formal events. These watches supplement the occasion and look very good on formal wears. Also, bracelet watches for ladies can be matched with the dress code. Ladies have the tendency of wearing a new gown/Lehengas/ Saris during every new festival or occasion so a suiting watch would look even better in your hands.

Online Shopping in Nepal at cheap prices.

Online shopping in Nepal has been a very growing trend with ecommerce websites popping up like mushroom. But, at redDoko we differentiate us from the crowd by providing a technically astute website along with the best customer service experience you can get. Online shopping in Kathmandu might be at peak but we are targeting the complete online market in Nepal. Watches are a very wanted jewellery accessory which has a very strict branding attached to it. Here at Reddoko, we provide a vast range of products with guarantee of brands attached to every watch on the website.